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Santiago Flight 513 Lands with 92 Skeletons on Board after 35 Years??!

Santiago Flight 513 Commercial Airliner takes off in Germany in 1954, lands in Brazil in 1989 with 92 skeletons on board ― with dead pilot still at the controls.


It seems like beyond science fiction, but for some years this strange story has been circulating on internet through various web-sources. Actually, this extraordinary story was first published as a breathtaking news by the Weekly World News Tabloid, in its 14 Nov 1989 Edition. Where the newspaper reporter Irwin Fisher’s report confirms the sketchy details that surround this flight. Was it a conclusive news or it was just a sensational hoax??

Source: Weekly World News Tabloid, 14 Nov 1989 Edition

According to Brazilian aviation authorities a commercial airliner Santiago flight 513 took off from Germany on September 4th 1954 and vanished somewhere over the Atlantic ocean. A fruitless massive search was conducted and the forlorn investigators were finally forced to believe that the aircraft was crashed and all the passengers had lost their lives.

But the story becomes more fascinating when the missing plane Santiago Flight 513 allegedly reappears and circles Airport of Porto Alegre Brazil on October 12th 1989, and Lands with 92 Skeletons on Board.

The authority said that the control tower had no communication with the plane that apparently circled the airport then landed. Going to meet the plane, upon opening the doors airport support and security were shocked to discover all 88 passengers and 4 crew members seated in their seats and skeletonized. Including the pilot Captain Miguel Victor Cury who was still apparently clutching the controls. It was also noted that the plane was still idling.

Officials were said to refuse to comment on the reappearance of the missing flight nor to speculate on where the plane had been for the intervening 35 years.

Dr. Celso Atello, a paranormal researcher, said Santiago airline flight 513 had “almost certainly entered a time warp, there is no other explanation.” But he doesn’t seem to have had an explanation as to how the skeleton of the pilot managed to land the plane safely.

Santiago Airlines apparently went out of business in 1956 and their executives who are still alive didn’t know enough about the flight to comment.

Despite the government agents had extensively investigated on this strange event, they refused to discuss anything about the plane and their investigation. They also refused to comment on Dr. Atello's words that the plane has entered a time warp, that’s the only explanation. The government never came out with any particular explanation.

So, it is strongly believed that government officials have hushed up this case, that they have clear evidence time warps exist and they do not want to scare us.

There have been numerous reports of pilots losing time miraculously, of people being teleported form one side to another, thousands of miles within a seconds without any explanation at all.

If this news was not a mere hoax (in this case, which I personally prefer to believe due to the lack of proper evidence except this piece of not precisely verified tabloid newspaper) and was based on the true event or on some similar other event then the question arises, what was actually happened to that alleged missing flight 513?? [source]


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